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Back in 1837, an individual by the name of Antonio Ygnacio Avila obtained a land grant of 22,500 acres (10 miles of ocean frontage) from Mexico that was called Rancho Sausol Redondo, which was sold to Sir Robert Burnett for sheep and cattle raising.  In 1873, Burnett leased the land to Daniel Freeman who in turn eventually purchased it.  Ownership of a 1,500-acre sliver then turned to A. E. Pomroy, then finally sold for $35 per acre to Messrs. Burbank and Baker, agents for Sherman and Clark.#

In 1904, the first pier was built on Hermosa, constructed entirely of wood by Hermosa Beach Land and Water Comp. 

The first election of city officers was in 1906 and the city was incorporated in that year with its Charter obtained from the State in 1907.  That year, the city obtained the deed for 2 miles of ocean frontage, which was unique in that it stated the ocean frontage would be held in perpetuity as a beach playground free from commerce for the benefit of residents and visitors.  The city never permitted cheap amusements along its Strand and its original ideas are its present-day standards.

City Facts
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Incorporated: January 14, 1907
City Hall: 1315 Valley Dr, Hermosa Beach 90254
City Telephones: (310) 318 -0239, Fax (310) 372-6186
Population (2000 Census): 18,566 (1990 Census: 18,219)
Population Density (2000 Census): 13,261.4 persons per square mile
Population over age 64 (2000 Census): 6.8% (1990 Census: 5.8%)
Population under age 18 (2000 Census): 12.0% (1990 Census: 10.4%)
Land Area: 1.4 square miles (3.6 square kilometers)




85.22 %


0.81 %

American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut.

0.40 %


4.40 %

Pacific Islander



6.75 %


1.68 %

Graduate Degree:   21.7%
Bachelor’s Degree:  34.7%
Associate Degree:    8.3%

Average Income:  $71,675 (2000 Census)

Available Properties
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The most expensive hermosa beach homes

The most expensive hermosa beach homes

The Six Most Expensive Homes in Hermosa Beach, California (As of July 2020)

1. The Beach Villa That Costs $18,955,000 at 2806 The Strand
The Hermosa Beach real estate market currently has quite a few expensive homes. This beach villa is currently the most expensive home in Hermosa Beach, California. Most of us only dream of having a home this luxurious. This impressive villa with an ocean view is located at 2806 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. It costs $18,955,000 US dollars, which is way out of budget for most people looking for a new home. The home has the largest amount of space compared to any of the other homes on this list. The total area of the home is 6857 square feet. The home also contains 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.The location for the property was extremely well thought out. The villa has a clear view of the ocean and beachfront. The shoreline is also within walking distance.

However, the villa is still far enough away from the beach to avoid tourists passing by. This allows home owners to maintain a sense of privacy. The design was made to take care of the home owner’s current and future needs. The house features two outdoor kitchens. One kitchen is located on the outdoor patio. The other kitchen is located on the rooftop of the villa. There is an atrium that leads to the rooftop. Along with a kitchen, the rooftop also contains a resting area. The rooftop was also designed with the focus of creating a rooftop pool. Although a rooftop pool is not currently built into the roof, the design allows space in order to build one in the future. It is obvious that the home was designed with the homeowner in mind. Floors are easily accessible using an elevator. The home also contains several recreation options, such as a home theater and gym. Aquarium hobbyists will also be thrilled to find that there is an 800-gallon tank.

2. A Mansion That Costs $15,900,000 at 3001 The Strand
This multi-level mansion is located at 3001 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. The mansion costs $15,900,000 US dollars. The mansion has 6 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, and multiple levels. You can get to 5 levels of the home using the built-in elevator. The home also has a garage that is large enough to fit 3 cars. The home is extremely luxurious. The mansion has balconies with a great view of the ocean. You can also get amazing views of the ocean from the roof. For extra comfort, there is also a rooftop patio and jacuzzi. The mansion is in walking distance of the ocean. However, it is still located at a distance in order to give residents some privacy from beach goers.

3. The Beach Home That Costs $12,975,000 at 3031 The Strand
The spacious home is located at 3031 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA. The home costs $12,975,000 US dollars. The building has a total area of 3,530 square feet. The total area of the home’s lot is 4,587 square feet. There is plenty of room for family and friends. The home is 3 stories tall and has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. There are also two laundry rooms available for use. With a home of this size, no one in the household will have to fight over amenities. There is also a detached garage that can fit 3+ cars. Gaming fans will enjoy the home’s built in game theater.Like the previous homes shown, this house is also close to the ocean. However, this home is elevated in comparison to the beach. The elevation gives the homeowner privacy from onlookers and provides a great view of the ocean at the same time. A wall separates the lowest floor from viewers for extra privacy. Higher floors of the home have a built-in railing for safety.

4. The Home That Costs $9,750,000 At 2800 Tennyson Place
This home is located at 2800 Tennyson Place, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. The home has a total area of 3456 square feet. There is a fence surrounding the home which gives the homeowner some privacy. There is also plenty of room in the home because the home has 3 stories, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. There is also an attached garage with enough room for two cars. The home is considered a single-family home. This home has plenty of features that make it comfortable for the home owner. The home has a balcony which allows residents to get some fresh air and experience the great view. There is also a wooden deck and patio connected to the home, for those who like a convenient place to sit outside. The home has a combination of tile, hardwood, and carpeted flooring. A fireplace and breakfast nook also add extra value to the home.

5. The Beach Home That Costs $9,300,000 at 2330 The Strand This beach home is located at 2330 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254. The home is currently being sold for $9,300,000 US dollars. The home has 3 stories, 4 beds, and 4 bath rooms. The total area of the home is 3,329 square feet. The home also has an attached deck so that the home owner can lounge outside at their leisure. The home is a beautiful choice for Hermosa Beach real estate.
A unique thing about this home is that it is one of the few homes on The Strand that has a basement. Basements are no longer able to be built on the Strand. This makes this home an excellent find for those who would like the extra storage room. Another unique aspect of this house is that it has a hidden tv. The tv is hidden behind an art piece centered above the fireplace mantle. There is also an attached garage which allows you to safely store two vehicles. Like the other homes on this list, this home has an amazing ocean view because of the location. This home already comes with the majority of the appliances that a homeowner would need. There is a stove, microwave, dishwasher, and disposal in the kitchen. The home also comes with a dryer and washer that is ready for use.

6. The Home That Costs $6,500,000 at 2457 Myrtle Ave
Unlike many of the homes for sale in Hermosa Beach, this home is a new construction. It costs $6,500,000 US dollars. It is located at 2457 Myrtle Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA. The home contains five bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms. There are three floors which are easily accessible by an elevator. The property also has an attached garage which can fit around 3 cars. The property itself has a total area of around 4,000 sq. Feet.

The home already comes with a number of major appliances. There is a fridge, oven, and microwave in the kitchen. The kitchen also contains a kitchen island, stone countertops, and a walk-in pantry. The pantry can be used to store any extra food or items. The house also comes with an already hooked up washer and dryer. What makes this home unique from the other homes for sale in Hermosa Beach is that it has extra security measures. There are security cameras and speakers located throughout the home. This allows the homeowner to watch for any suspicious activities or to talk to people in different rooms without being present. The home was also created with future building plans in mind. The plumbing is already set up in order to add a jacuzzi and fire pit on the outside deck. The media room’s plumbing is also set up so that the home owner can add a wet bar, if desired.

Largest houses for sale in hermosa beach

Largest houses for sale in hermosa beach

While Hermosa Beach is a relatively small city of just under 20,000, it is one of the more desirable places to live in all of Los Angeles County in Southern California. One of three cities along the beach in the county, bordered by Redondo Beach to the south and Manhattan Beach to the north, Hermosa Beach offers an exceptional number of outdoor activities while providing excellent access to the rest of the county. In addition, the fabled Hermosa Beach Pier, which is located at the end of Pier Avenue, offers one of the best shopping locations combined with dining and other entertainment that makes it the centerpiece of the community. But there are many other attractions as well that make living here so enjoyable.

With such a highly desirable location comes expensive housing, particularly along the beach itself. For those who are looking for the largest homes for sale in the Hermosa Beach area, here is a partial list of those available at the time of publication. Keep in mind that some of these homes may no longer be for sale, but you will get a general idea of their size, cost, and features.

1807 Valley Park Avenue
At 6,870 square feet, this incredible home located not far from the beach offers 6.5 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms for maximum comfort. The third-largest parcel in all of Hermosa Beach, the home is more like a resort thanks to its many features. A 25-foot vaulted entrance greets you as you enter the home. You’ll find a Savant home automation system, radial staircase, a Elon Musk signed Tesla Charging Station, and much, much more and that is just the inside. The outside features a large saltwater swimming pool, gas fire pit, state-of-the-art sports court which is 1,000 square feet on its own, and a tropical garden landscape. There is even a private guest house in the backyard as well which completes the many features of this remarkable home priced at just over $10 million.

The Strand
At a whopping 6,857 square feet, this six-bed, eight-bathroom villa is one of the prized homes in the community. Located right along the beach, this three-story villa offers a flat roof for private parties, sunbathing, or simply relaxation with friends and family. It also offers five parking spaces which include three covered and two uncovered garage spaces for vehicles. The home has all the features that you would expect for luxury living and a price tag of almost $19 million to match.

2104 Circle Drive
At an impressive 4,6,48 square feet, this impressive home offers both convenience in terms of location along with being in a quiet neighborhood. At five beds and six baths, there is plenty of room for your family and guests. Just two blocks from the beach, this home is also close to many attractions which include The Bottle Inn, the Green Sore, and Marthas where you can enjoy a good breakfast. But you have plenty of room to cook in this home thanks to the large kitchen along with the sumptuous living spaces. The gourmet kitchen offers many attributes which include a Viking wine cooler. But you may be drawn to the ample yard, large media room which can double as a playroom, and the custom-built deck on the rooftop that provides a panoramic view of the ocean. Plus, it features a BBQ eating area and fireplace to entertain you and your guests. It does come with a price tag of nearly $5.8 million, but you get so much for your investment.

249 33rd Street
At 4,141 square feet, this Cape Cod-style home offers a magnificent view of the ocean from atop its three-story structure thanks to a large, ocean-view balcony. With four bedrooms and six bathrooms, this home sits on the corner and offers plenty of attributes for someone looking to purchase a large house. Priced at just over $4.3 million, this remarkable home offers plenty of space while being close to the beach. The large windows allow for a remarkable view while bringing in plenty of natural light. Of the many features the home offers is a media center, wet bar, powder room, guest office suite complete with full bath, separate soaking tub and shower, and so much more.

2457 Myrtle Avenue
At precisely 4,000 square feet, this new construction features all the latest modern conveniences while still being roomy and comfortable for your family. With five bedrooms and five and half baths, this is a clean, well-designed home that is priced at $6.5 million. It is just a couple of blocks from the beach and the modern design includes a spectacular ocean-view entertainment deck on top of the three-story structure. The deck includes a canopy and outdoor kitchen so you can cook and spend as much time as you want outdoors.

Sliding glass doors lead to the private front yard while provides an additional area for kids, pets, and guests to entertain. The gourmet kitchen offers Thermadore appliances which are top of the line. Plus, there are many other features which includes a three-stop elevator, three-zone central heating and air conditioning, media room, and so much more. There are also plenty of home in Hermosa Beach that come in between 3,000 and 4,000 square feet which offer plenty of room for growing families. In addition, while some have been around for decades, many of the homes are recent constructions or have been remodeled or refurbished with modern conveniences. This means that you get an up-to-date residence that provides excellent conveniences along with exceptional attributes.

Living in Hermosa Beach has its advantages, most notably that you can drink in the California sunshine along a beautiful beach that is free of smog and pollution that comes from the city. But all this luxury living does come with a cost. Plus, with the demand so high for such homes, some of them may no longer be for sale. But at least you will know the general size for the larger residences and what you might expect to pay.

10 Best homes for sale in hermosa beach

10 Best homes for sale in hermosa beach

Situated in the Greater Los Angeles area in the South Bay region, Hermosa Beach is one of the three Beach Cities and is among one of the most coveted areas of California for someone to want to live in. With so many beautiful beaches, stunning homes and entertaining things to do, it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking to make a move to Hermosa Beach but don’t know where to start, this article will outline 10 homes for sale in Hermosa Beach that you don’t want to overlook.

1. 2806 The Strand
Located beach front, this beautiful villa puts you front and center on the beach while still giving you plenty of privacy away from the crowds. A retracting 16-foot atrium takes you to the luxurious rooftop patio, and beneath is a lavish interior that was inspired by the original owner’s treks through Italy, blending beach living with classic luxury.

2. 107 Manhattan Ave
If you want something a little less extravagant with the benefit of still living in Hermosa Beach, this property may be for you. This a single-family home tucked away in a neighborhood just behind the beach, making it easy to access while still being nice and private. The home features three beds and two baths within 2,173 square feet of space.

4. 638 6th St
Get a townhome experience with the beauty of Spanish roofing with this Hermosa Beach real estate option featuring three beds, three baths and 2,087 square feet of space. The property features a rooftop patio to give you a private outdoor living space.

5. 102 8th St
One of the best modern homes for sale in Hermosa Beach, this property blends contemporary design with beach living. The home features a spacious living and kitchen area with two luxurious bedrooms and three lavish bathrooms.

6. 2534 Palm Dr
Enjoy beachfront living with all of the privacy you need in this property featuring a rooftop patio with excellent views, indoor/outdoor eating areas, three comfortable bedrooms and three regal bathrooms.

7. 3001 The Strand
Relax right on the beach with this property that is characterized by indoor/outdoor living spaces and rooftop patio. The modern home is remarkably spacious with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

Top hermosa beach vacation rentals

Top hermosa beach vacation rentals

By Gage Hanson
Hermosa Beach may be the little sister beach to Redondo Beach and Long Beach, but it has just as good of beachfronts, shopping and is still in the greater Los Angeles area. If you are looking to vacation somewhere warm and glamorous, look no further than this list of top Hermosa Beach vacation rentals. Hermosa Beach is a prime location to vacation if you are searching for good weather, great shopping, five star eating, festivals and parties. There’s a little something for everyone here whether your budget is high or low, if you want to party or take it easy. There is something for you to find at Hermosa Beach.

*One thing to note: the city of Hermosa Beach passed an ordinance in 2016 that doesn’t allow rentals for less than 30 days. Any rentals located in the city limits should be adhering to this policy. You will want to contact the owners to follow up on this before you book anything.

Large Beach Area Home $400/night – If you and a large group of friends or family are planning on staying in Hermosa Beach, this rental is a great choice for you. While on the pricier side, it offers a ton of room so you can split the cost with a fairly large group of people (up to 11). There are only three bedrooms, but one bedroom includes four bunk beds and there is a couch that doubles as a futon. A futon is an essential part of any college vacation group. This property is within walking distance of the beach. In the morning you will be able to slip on your flip flops and be to the beach within minutes. The property also has a great rooftop patio with seating so you can relax after a day at the beach and enjoy the fresh ocean air and listen to the sounds of the city night.

City Based Apartment $100/night – This cozy apartment is further away from the beaches, but definitely not away from the action. You are only a few minutes of a drive away from the beach, and Redondo Beach is extremely close as well. This property is located in more of a family neighborhood setting, so don’t expect any huge parties or action going on in the immediate vicinity. You will benefit though by getting a good night’s sleep while still being a short Uber ride from all your favorite clubs, restaurants and bars.

The apartment itself offers two beds, free laundry and street parking. The unit is small, but comes with a shared porch where a hot tub and sauna are available for your use to find a few minutes of peace after an undoubtedly busy day in the Los Angeles area.

Oceanfront Cottage $1,109/night – This is the Hermosa Beach real estate you have to go with if you want the prime experience. Not everyday do you get to stay in a house that is a sidewalk away from one of the most popular beach fronts in the world. You can stare out your back window and watch the sunset across the rolling waves of the Pacific ocean. You’ll be able to feel the constant cool breeze coming from the water and through the cottage’s windows.

This home is styled exactly like you would expect from a building built in 1909 and will make you feel like you are escaping real life into a life of seaside wonder. There are five bedrooms and two bathrooms in this property. The cottage also features a large, wide open living and dining room that looks out over The Strand (a famous walkway that extends miles across the California coast) and onto the beach. Your stay here will be full of sights, sounds, smells and feelings that you can’t get anywhere else.

Fully Equipped Studio Apartment $65/night – If you are on an extreme budget but still want to have some fun, this will be one of the most cost effective Hermosa Beach vacation rentals. It is quite small, but in a town like Hermosa Beach, you won’t be spending much time inside anyways. The studio apartment has one bed and only allows a maximum of two residents, so it is perfect for a getaway vacation with a significant other. And if you are having an extended stay, the studio comes equipped with a stove, mini-fridge, and free WIFI.

This apartment is in a neighborhood that features a good mix of other residents and small businesses. It won’t be as quiet as some of the other neighborhood properties you can find, but you also have the added benefit of a short walk to stores and restaurants. While you aren’t quite on the beach, it is still only a 15 minute walk.

Hermosa Beach Shack $900/night – Want to party in Hermosa Beach? This is the rental for you. The owners have taken special care to provide renters with numerous beach toys, party games and group amenities. The rental has one bedroom, a couple of sleeping nooks, and two bathrooms. The shack sleeps up to eight people and is only two blocks away from the beach, but it is everything that comes with your rental that will make your stay special.

Inside the house you will have access to a pool table, projection television, SONOS sound system and slot machines. The property is also equipped with a large patio and a fenced off, brick backyard. There is a lot of seating options, but you also have plenty of entertainment options outside as well, including a keg-orator and dart board. The owners also provide renters with beach bikes, surf boards, boogie boards, beach balls, and a lot more beach toys. Hermosa Beach is a land of parties. So if you were looking to party, this Hermosa Beach real estate property is for you. It is on the pricier side, but it is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or just a fun family get together. You won’t be disappointed with this beach shack.

Guesthouse Experience $120/night – While this is a less traditional rental than the other units we have covered, it is an extremely good value for what you are getting. The guest house is separated from the main property, so it is practically like you are staying in your own apartment. The entire unit is fitted with modern amenities and style, so you will feel comfortable while hanging out at your rental. There is also a full kitchen, so you will be able to cook your own meals if you want to save some money by preparing your own food.

This property also rides the line between Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. You are a short walking distance between the beachfront in either city and have multiple high-class restaurants a short distance from where you will be staying. You are also close to both the Hermosa pier and the Redondo pier, where you will find great nightlife, shopping venues, and tourist experiences.

Beach Bungalow $135/night – This stylish little home can be a great choice for your extended stay at Hermosa Beach. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as an office area and a living room that features a fireplace. It is only a few blocks away from the beach front and is close to a number of areas for outdoor activities, including running, biking, swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, and surfing. The house is only a fifteen minute drive away from LAX, so it won’t be difficult to reach if you are flying in.

The backyard also comes equipped with a stainless steel barbecue, while the kitchen features modern, stainless-steel appliances. While you are close to a number of great restaurants, you will almost want to cook in the beautiful kitchen. The bathrooms are also updated and feature a black tile shower in one and a smooth, green paint job in the other.

Executive Beach Home $400/night – This home, built in 1922, has been fully upgraded to feature a modern feel in a building that gives off a classic vibe. It is truly the best of both worlds. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so this house is perfect for a larger family or a group of people. There are two outdoor decks, perfect for hosting barbecues or outdoor parties, especially with the hot tub on the deck off of the master bedroom.
You are only one block away from the beach, so while it isn’t a beachfront property, it is very close. You will also be incredibly close to the pier and a number of other nightlife options are within a couple of blocks. This house truly has it all.

This list isn’t even close to exhaustive when it comes to rental properties in Hermosa Beach. There are a number of other apartments, houses, and even hotels. If you are looking for shorter stays, there are a number of options just outside of city limits that will keep you close to Hermosa Beach while giving you the ability to rent for just a weekend. Hopefully this list helps you find what you are looking for.

Newest homes for sale in hermosa beach

Newest homes for sale in hermosa beach

When you think of Hermosa Beach, things like beautiful sunsets, well-designed homes, long walks along beautiful beaches and amazing ocean views come to mind. Purchasing real estate in Hermosa Beach will allow you to enjoy these niceties every day or whenever you decide to travel to the property for a family vacation. If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful home in Hermosa Beach, you are reading the right article. We have compiled a list of the newest homes in this area for you to choose from. Be prepared to be blown away by the luxury components and amazing architecture of these homes. Let’s jump right in.

617 Longfellow Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
This piece of Hermosa Beach real estate has a mid-century inspired design. The master suite has soaring mahogany ceilings that are complemented by beautifully curated finishes and lovely walnut hardwood floors. You will be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee outside your great room on your front patio. Living at this beautiful property will give you the opportunity to enjoy days of relaxation, ocean watching and sunsets that you can get a clear view of from the rooftop deck. This home is thoughtfully designed. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 ½ bathrooms that are spacious enough to accommodate your family and friends. It also features an awesome flex room that can be used for your daily exercise routine or as an entertainment room for the family. The 5th room may be converted to a 4th bedroom if you desire.

This wonderful property’s developers have led award-winning teams in the area of design work. Their passion for the art of home designs has birthed this amazing property at this perfect South Bay location. This home is for sale and is only a short walk down Longfellow to one of South California’s best beaches. You could also choose to stroll along the greenbelt to the attractions of Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.

802 Bard St, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
This is another home for sale in Hermosa Beach that is absolutely stunning. It is just a few steps from downtown, the beach and the greenbelt. This house features 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms. It is a contemporary themed townhouse and features wide white oak planks, Anderson dual pane windows and solid oak interior doors. As an automated smart home, you will be able to unlock the front door, open the garage, change the temperature of the house and manage the home’s alarm system from your mobile phone.

Rooms such as the dining room, living room and the kitchen al feature high vaulted ceilings that are perfect for entertaining. One of the absolutely amazing focal points in the house is a gas fireplace with floor to ceiling Italian metallic glazed tile. You will be able to prepare iron chef level meals in a kitchen that features Viking Professional stainless appliances. The appliances include a stove, side-by-side refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave. The kitchen island in this home is great for serving or as a breakfast nook.

The master room is very inviting and features a gas fireplace, a walk-in closet, a walk-in shower with no door, a separate tub and European themed fixtures. This beautiful Hermosa Beach property has 2074 square feet and 445 square feet of decks including the roof deck. It also features central heating and air conditioning to ensure that you are comfortable every single day.

2457 Myrtle Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
This striking new construction is a single family coastal modern home. It is a combination of a great location, high-quality building and beautiful architecture. This property is located on a full street to alley lot. The design of this home is perfectly optimized to take full advantage of the ocean views of the Hermosa Beach area. Open up from your loving space to a huge ocean view entertainment deck with the sleek Fleetwood sliding glass doors. The entertainment deck is complete with an outdoor kitchen and canopy that creates the perfect indoor and outdoor experience.

The front of this Hermosa Beach real estate listing also features sliding glass doors that allows you to open up to the private front yard for an extra entertaining zone. The kitchen is of a gourmet style equipped with top of line Thermador appliances, a thoughtfully created walk-in pantry, Neolith Calacatta waterfall countertops and a built-in eating area. The property’s 5 bedrooms are complete with beautifully appointed en-suite bathrooms. The master bedroom features a spa-like bath with Cambria Luxury Brittanicca high gloss counter tops, Terazzo white floors, custom built-ins all over and 2 walk-in closets.

This home for sale in Hermosa Beach is the ideal family beach home. What contributes to it being the perfect property is that it is only a few steps away from the sand, the awesome restaurants and the award-winning Hermosa Beach schools and parks. The additional features of this listing includes wide planked French Oak wood floors, a 3-stop elevator, camera for security with speakers installed, multi-zone central heating with air conditioning for optimum comfort, media room with plumbing to facilitate a wet bar, deck with plumbing for a fire-pit and jacuzzi.

This beautifully designed and perfectly situated property features a lot more features. Purchasing one of these lovely homes in Hermosa Beach, California will be an investment that you will not regret. From the incredible designs to its eye-pleasing location, these homes for sale in Hermosa Beach are impossible to overlook. If you are looking for a piece of real estate to invest in, these homes will also make great vacation homes for a short-term rental investment. With all that is in close proximity to these Hermosa Beach listings, you will have family’s renting from you over and over again.

Top hermosa beach vacation rentals

Top hermosa beach vacation rentals

No matter the time of year, going on a vacation to a beach in a place like Los Angeles can change a person’s outlook on life. No matter how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, a beach vacation will surely brighten your life in a multitude of ways. Of the beachfront vacation options available, Hermosa beach is known to be one of the best getaways for people to do. It’s a gorgeous spot filled with fun activities, a beautiful beach, and gorgeous options to stay in. No matter how you look at it, staying in a Hermosa beach real estate for a week or so is an excellent vacation to consider.

Nonetheless, with this subject in mind, we’re going to discuss several of the best Hermosa Beach vacation rentals. All of these options listed will offer something unique and are surely worth checking out for a fabulous vacation. By the end of the article, be sure to check out each option and see which of the Hermosa beach vacation rentals is the best option. Considering they all offer something unique compared to each other, they’re all worth checking out. Let’s take a look at some Hermosa beach real estate!

Authentic Hermosa Beach Shack
Authenticity is vital for any vacation and can add another dynamic for vacation. Why stay in a completely new building, when you can stay somewhere with a detailed history of positive reviews behind it? Nonetheless, the Authentic Hermosa Beach Shack will fulfill all of your summer needs. Only a block away from the beach, the location of this property should be convincing enough. Whether you’re with your family or have pets, this property is perfect. It features one bedroom, two bathrooms, and can hold up to eight guests.

Oceanfront Cottage on the Strand
For those searching for a more significant property, consider the Oceanfront Cottage on the Strand. The place can hold a staggering ten guests and has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Since being built in 1909, this property has a beach aesthetic that’s difficult to describe. Notable features include boardwalk entrance right outside the front door that’ll allow you to walk, skate, or bike immediately. Plus, the property is incredibly clean and features bedding, towels, a fully equipped kitchen, and much more.

3BR w/ Patio & Grill
The 3BR w/ Pato & Grill is a perfect medium-sized option that features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Coming at a decent size with 1626 sq ft, this property is an excellent stay for numerous reasons. It’s located in a stunning residential house that offers a welcoming open floor plan with modern decor and ample lighting. Plus, the property features stunning ocean views. Plus, it has a fenced patio and easy access directly to the beach.

Ocean View Beach House
For those searching for a classic beach house, look no further. The ocean view beach house is a spacious family-friendly located right by the beach and restaurants. The location is incredible, considering it’s right by the Hermosa pier. It’s spotless and has three bedrooms and three full bathrooms. The kitchen comes fully equipped and is fairly remarkable what it offers. All in all, it’s an excellent spot to consider in this particular field.

Surfs Up Beach House
Outside of having a great name, the Surfs Up Beach House is a fabulous option to consider. It’s located only a few steps outside of the central point of Hermosa and the beach. It’s well maintained and has three bedrooms and one bathroom. The house is accompanied by the standard format of TVs and a fully-stocked kitchen. As far as the middle of the road standard rental options, this is an excellent affordable option to consider for your vacation.

Two-Bedroom Strand Apt.
Outside of having an excellent looking exterior, this Two-Bedroom Strand Apt. is everything you could hope for and more. This two-level unit has two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms with hardwood floors, granite counter-tops, and incredible ocean viewpoints. Not to mention the kitchen and its remarkable breakfast bar. Location-wise, it’s located in the gorgeous area of The Strand that’s regarded as the most affluent area of Hermosa Beach. It’s only a short walk from Pier ave. and is a heavily sought after rental location.

Breathtaking BeachFront with Rooftop Deck
For those searching for a gorgeous property with a stunning rooftop deck, this is the property for you. This rental property features four bedrooms and three bathrooms, making it a reasonably spacious option to consider. The entire location can comfortably sleep 11 people and is packed with HDTVs, Wi-Fi, an outdoor firepit, fireplaces, and much more. The kitchen is packed with goodies that’ll be extremely useful for any group to utilize.

Beautifully Remodeled Luxurious Beach House
Arguably one of the most popular options on this list, this beautifully remodeled luxurious beach house is a short drive away from the Hermosa Beach pier. The property can hold up to eight guests and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is filled with useful amenities such as a computer, printer, movie channel access, a fully equipped kitchen, toiletries, bbq grill, beach chairs, and much more. Don’t worry about what you’ll need to bring since this property will have you covered.

Cozy 1915 Beach Cottage
Outside of having a fun name representing how long it’s been around, this excellent spot is located in the heart of Hermosa beach. The property can hold up to four guests and has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The property is filled with useful electronics, appliances, and amenities. Plus, it’s location makes it a perfect spot to do the various activities around Hermosa beach. All in all, it’s an excellent choice to consider and will fit well with practically any vacation goer.

Manhattan Beach Adjacent
Last up is the Manhattan Beach Adjacent spot that can hold up to five guests and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This location is in a gorgeous section of Hermosa Beach. The spot itself has a great office space with the perfect selection of restaurants nearby. The rooms have an older aesthetic to them but will fit well with any family looking for a fun getaway. Not to mention it’s office space will fit well with any businessman out of town in need of a place to stay. No matter the case, be sure to go through each of these options and see which one is best suited for your needs.

10 Best homes for sale in hermosa beach

10 Best homes for sale in hermosa beach

Owning a home has become a staple of a goal for people to accomplish. No matter where you live or your aspirations, a home is an integral part of hitting a level of accomplishment. It’s a remarkable sense of pride that a lot of people, unfortunately, don’t get to expertise. If you’re fortunate enough to become a homeowner, continue reading below. We’re going to discuss the 10 best homes for sale in Hermosa beach. For those who don’t know, Hermosa Beach is a beachfront city in Los Angeles County filled with nothing but fun, beauty, and gorgeous homes. Making the homes for sale in Hermosa beach extremely sought after.

All of these homes offer something unique to consider checking out. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll be able to decide on your dream home in Hermosa beach. On the other hand, you’ll get a good sense of what to have as a goal for your future. Either way, these homes are fun to look at and are fascinating to discuss what makes all of them fantastic individually. Be sure to check each one out and see which one is best suited for you. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at Hermosa beach real estate!

2806 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
The Strand is a popular destination for the majority of the property at Hermosa Beach since it’s located directly on the beach. Nonetheless, 2806 The Strand is an absolutely gorgeous house that has everything you could want and more. It’s an exciting part of Hermosa beach real estate. Being located right on the beach, the house is a beautiful all-white design with a stunning rooftop patio. With the beautiful weather in LA, it makes sense to have a home with such a beautiful patio to hang out on. The house features six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, making it a perfect place no matter the size of your family.

3001 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Right down the street is 3001 The Strand. This house has a contemporary design with beautiful tall windows and a gorgeous front patio. The house has a total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms, making it a touch smaller than 2806 The Strand. The property’s large windows can open up to a stunning view of the beach, making it a remarkable house for that regard alone. Its unique look makes it stand out from most beachfront properties and is a must-visit.

3031 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Practically neighbors to 3001 The Strand, 3031 is a modern house with a sense of a classic beachfront house intertwined with it. Appearing as a blue multi-floor property, the house features five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The front of the property has an attractive patio and porch that’ll allow users to beautifully experience the beachfront. The home’s interior has a sense of home that’s difficult to explain but will fit well with anyone who lives in the place.

1807 Valley Park Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
For those looking for a place with a massive size attached to it, 1807 Valley Park Ave is the option for you. This home features seven bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms in a stunning 6,870 square feet.The house’s appearance has a contemporary look to it with a strong sense of luxury with it. The house has an incredible vaulted entrance, a radial staircase, a movie theatre, a tesla charging station, and much more. Everything you can think of is available at this house.

2087 Tennyson Pl, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
2087 Tennyson Pl is a single-family home that has everything a person or family could want. The property comes at a staggering 7,267 sq ft and was recently built in 2015. Given its recent build date, the house has an immaculate contemporary design. The house features five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a fireplace, a dance studio, a media room, an exercise room, and much more. Floor-wise, it’s three stories tall, making it a perfect option for those searching for a multi-floored home.

2330 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Back on The Strand, 2330 is an excellent house for those search for an elegant beach home. It has a two-story entrance and is remarkable with stunning stone floors and an incredible interior. From a pure interior’s sake, this house is absolutely gorgeous. The house can be manipulated in various ways and can be enacted to be fully open upon public viewing. Some features include the ability to be fully open to a private sitting or meeting room. Not to mention hardwood floors, a bedroom suite, ocean views, and much more.

2457 Myrtle Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
2457 Myrtle Ave is a gorgeous house with a contemporary design that’ll blow anyone away who visits it. The white design with luxurious windows features five bedrooms and six bathrooms across its 4,000 sq ft property. Position-wise, this house has a stunning location viewpoint of the beach. Whether it’s the Fleetwood sliding glass doors or the vast ocean view entertaining deck, it’s a stunning house.

2104 Circle Dr, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
2104 Circle Dr. has an incredible location between the Hermosa and Manhattan Beach pier, making it an excellent choice for that reason alone. The house features five gorgeous bedrooms and six bathrooms in its 4,648 sq ft of property. Definitely a remarkable home in the Hermosa Beach area.

3218 Morningside Dr, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Arguably one of the most unique properties on this list, 3218 Morningside Dr. has everything you could want in a property and more. Offering five bedrooms and five bathrooms, the property is only three blocks from the beach, making it a quick getaway to the beach. The property features stunning wood floors, open living spaces, natural light options, and much more.

1121 Manhattan Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Relatively smaller than the other properties on this list, 1121 Manhattan Ave is still a remarkable house with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The house has panoramic ocean views in practically every area of the house. It features an impressive contemporary-style interior and exterior, making it an excellent house to consider.

Largest houses for sale in hermosa beach

Largest houses for sale in hermosa beach

With quiet streets, stunning coastline and ocean views, and highly sought-after institutions, Hermosa Beach is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the region and a fantastic place to call home.

Large real estate properties offer generous square footage and enjoy much larger lots. This allows for some of the most luxurious features e.g. enormous yards, sport courts, guest houses, pools, and more. If you are looking for such large houses, then you will be glad to know that you have plenty to choose from in Hermosa Beach.

Following are some of the largest Hermosa Beach houses for sale:

1807 Valley Park Avenue, Hermosa Beach, 90254

7 Beds, 7 Baths, 6,870 sqft
Sitting on Hermosa Beach’s third largest lot, 1807 Valley Park Avenue is a resort-like, rarefied environment that offers functionality and privacy with easy access to the sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean. The main residence featuring 7 bedrooms offers maximum relaxation and luxury with state-of-the-art upgrades, including a movie theatre, home automation system, and a Tesla Charging station. This large residence is the gold standard in Hermosa Beach living.

2806 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

6 Beds, 8 Baths, 6,857 sqft
This amazing oceanfront residence offers a luxurious property experience crafted on a magnitude and scale that will leave you astonished with its magnificent design elements. Every amenity and fine detail has been thoroughly planned. From the imported Roman marble tub to the amazing hand-crafted wood floors and an extensive beach-level room that features a huge saltwater aquarium, this large Hermosa Beach real estate property has too many details and amenities to present in a short description.

3001 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

5 Beds, 6 Baths, 5,642 sqft
This marvelous multi-level residence comes with amazing rooftop patio and balconies with expansive oceanfront views, dry sauna, rooftop jacuzzi, gym, 4 fireplaces throughout the house, gorgeous gourmet kitchen, 3 car garage, 5 level elevator, theatre, and much more. Situated in an ideal location, this property offers the best of both worlds; privacy and easy access to the downtown beach.

123 29th Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

5 Beds, 5 Baths, 3,669 sqft
Located on a corner between two of the best urban beach communities in the area, this custom-built property is one of the largest, top Hermosa Beach houses for sale. It is a bottom-level property that offers its own entry, separate patio, living space, kitchen, and bedroom with direct access to a 3-car garage that features extra parking for up to 2 vehicles in front for guests as well as an electric car hook-up. It is a great real estate property for anyone looking for luxurious living in the Hermosa Beach’s most sought-after neighborhood.

2800 Tennyson Place, Hermosa Beach, 90254

4 Beds, 3 Baths, 3,456 sqft
This is another large Hermosa Beach residence that offers excellent ocean views and irreplaceable privacy. The opportunities are endless with so much spacious, usable land. With 3 baths, 4 beds, and many excellent amenities, this Hermosa Beach real estate property offers incredible value – something that rarely comes along in a location like this.These are some of the largest houses for sale in Hermosa Beach. Apart from these, there are many other options available.

Hermosa Beach Real Estate

Hermosa Beach Real Estate

Did you ever dream about living next to a sandy beach? Well, if you move on the Hermosa Beach real estate, you will make this dream come true. Hermosa Beach is one of the most wanted areas in California when it comes to having a property close to the beach and blue waterfront. Luckily, there are still properties available for those still looking to make this dream come true. If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to get a house there, you should know that time is flying away quickly. You’re supposed to enjoy your life as you want and the real estate in Hermosa Beach is not going to improve.

Hermosa Beach View

More and more people want to go away from the city center, looking for areas that can offer the degree of disconnection and relaxation they would like to enjoy after a long and hard day at work. Having the beach almost in the backyard of your home is definitely a plus. You can relax under the sea breeze and go for amazing walks on the beach whenever you want, without having to drive. Considering that the real estate market in this area may increase, due to the increasing demand, you should seriously think about getting your chance of having a property on a beach or close to one while you still can.

Hermosa Beach Real Estate

The Hermosa Beach area is the ideal combination between a vacation-like atmosphere and the advantage of living in a big city. You have the beach and sea on one side and the busy and modern city center on the other side. At the moment, you can find a wide range of available properties for sale in this area. So, it is not that hard to find one that will suit your budget and preferences. The real estate background on Hermosa Beach is still generous and not that difficult to afford. Starting with gorgeous condos with a view at the wide sea to larger properties, with a private inner yard, you can still make your dreams come true.

If you always wanted to be part of a unique community, where you can find the retreat you need to unwind after you’ve done your working hours, you can find what you need in Hermosa Beach. You may not be in a walking distance from your work, but the calmness, peace, and wonderful atmosphere you will find over here are worth it. You will feel refreshed every day when waking up and looking out the window just to see the waves sparkling under the sunlight. It can be the ideal neighborhood for your family, although this area can certainly be something young people and singles can love, considering that the beach and sea will always be in their proximity.

When choosing a property in Hermosa Beach, getting out of the house and walking on sand is not an impossibility anymore. Even if you don’t find a property right next to the strand of sand to suit your needs, you are still within a walking distance from the beach. Living here would be like embracing a vacation lifestyle for the rest of your days.

Hermosa Beach Real Estate

Hermosa Beach Real Estate

Hermosa Beach is located on the beautiful South Bay area of L.A. (Los Angeles) County about fifteen minutes from Los Angeles International Airport is the Pacific Coast community of Hermosa Beach. However, nestled between Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach real estate offerings have a median sales price of $950,500 in a safe, clean community with high schools. This beautiful beach community is a popular site for pro-circuit beach volleyball players to come for training and tourists to visit year-round.

According to property statistics and trends noted on Zillow, the number of Hermosa Beach real estate listings is currently up over the number of properties that were available in the summer. The listing price averages here fluctuate weekly, depending on the current listings available. Presently there are multiple categories of features available for purchase. The majority of them are single-family homes, as this is a popular community for year-round homes of professionals and highly educated people with families who work in the greater Los Angeles area. There are also two dozen condos and townhomes for sale. Also included in current Hermosa Beach real estate listings are lands/lots, condo/townhouse/apartment combination properties, and a few listed as an income investment property and mobile and manufactured homes.

Furthermore, the fair or average price per square foot for properties currently offered for sale in Hermosa is $620. The real estate market in Hermosa Beach tends to be somewhat more volatile than the market in neighboring Manhattan Beach, also, with monthly listing averages varying much more. Currently, there are 34 foreclosure properties listed on the market. Another great source of the most current data on and trends in this market, including a weekly newsletter for which viewers can register, can be found at The single-family homes currently offered for sale include beach-front homes, some on the Strand itself, as well as dwellings offering small yards and gardens as well as off-street parking. Most Hermosa Beach real estate single-family homes available are much story homes, though there are some single level homes available for the elderly or handicapped.

Hermosa Beach Real Estate

Moreover, according to Zillow’s Home Value Index, the recent median home value in Hermosa Beach real estate is $876,500, up +2.5% in a year-to-year comparison from August 2010 to September 2011. Additionally, by contrast, the y-to-y in neighboring Redondo Beach is down a significant -7.8%, and Manhattan Beach’s y-to-y is down -4.6%. If you’ve hesitated to list your Hermosa Beach real estate property for sale, now might be the time to reconsider since the market is recently in an upswing. The median sale price of recent listings is $1,146,700, but listed prices range from $318,000 for a one bedroom. Additionally, one bath condo to $5, 300,000 for a 5040 square feet oceanfront home with an elevator, lushly landscaped and wine cellar lot.

However, from single-family homes with highly prized corner lots to one bed and bath condos in beach front facilities, there are homes for every taste and need available in Hermosa Beach real estate. The upswing in this market makes this the opportune time to list your property for sale and to buy before prices escalate further.

Top mistakes made by a real estate agent.

Top mistakes made by a real estate agent.

Real estate is a challenging business, and one needs to fully understand the business and the market trends to become successful in the industry. Many people think that getting a certificate would make them a real estate agent and they would become successful and wealthy. But this job needs more dedication and hard work. Most of the success stories you hear did not happen overnight. Failing in this business is common, and thus there is always time for you to get back up and learn from those mistakes. The following are some of the mistakes made by the real estate agents:

Not saving money before they become a real estate agent:

Before you become a real estate agent, you need to understand that there will be days where you will not be getting paid. It can even take months for you to make your first sale. Thus you need to be prepared for this situation. Before starting as a real estate agent, you need to save up enough money to sustain you for at least the next six months. Or you need to make some arrangements where you can crash at your friend’s or family’s place. Make sure that you have a side job which would provide your some money till you get decent sales.

Having a full-time job and trying to be a real estate agent:


Real estate industry is highly competitive, and if you want to be a successful real estate agent, you need to focus fully on your career. If you already have a full-time job, it might be difficult to handle between the two. Your clients will be frustrated if you are not available to the time they are comfortable. It is also quite difficult to market yourself and perform other activities when you have a whole other thing to concentrate.

Not maintaining a database:

As a real estate agent, one must make sure that they note down all the details and contact numbers of their sellers and buyers. If you don’t have a list of business contacts, you will not be able to find any customers.

Not setting goals or plans:

In the real estate business, you cannot finish a deal in just a day. It is a long process where you will have to set your goals and achieve them slowly. When you do not make any goals, you will not know where you are going and you will end up making no sales. You need to set goals and make business plans so that your business will grow when you start working towards your goals.

Being a real estate is not an easy job. It involves many challenges and risks. You are your own boss when you are a real estate agent, and thus you need to ensure that you take the necessary precautions and become successful.

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