Hermosa beach city is one of three beach cities located in Greater Los Angeles, California. Hermosa beach shares its borders with southeast Redondo Beach and on the north side Manhattan beach at the south bay region of Los Angeles. This beach is famous for LA lavish sunbathing, surfing, volleyball, bars, and running & cycling tracks. With all the summer glory, it is common for people to develop allergies or get sick by the beach.

So, next time, you need to see the allergists, visit the following places because they are the best allergists around Hermosa Beach.

  1. Joshua Davidson, MD, MPH
    Dr. Joshua Davidson has topped our list of best allergists in Hermosa Beach because of his amazing treatment towards the patients. The patients have said that the doctor is very quick to diagnose any type of allergy and usually gives shots along with oral medicines. He can also treat patients for flu and cold. So, next time you need a saline nasal spray or any nasal decongestant, visit Dr. Joshua Davidson.

2. Song Institute of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
The Song Institute of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology seems a large institute, but it is a small institute that is managed by 2 doctors, Song and Wong in Manhattan beach city. This institute welcomes patients of any age. Both doctors and their staff are very helping and the environment is very comfortable. Several patients have said that they had a really good experience here. The doctors will prescribe light and precise medicines according to your allergic reactions. Most of elders and children have been prescribed nasal decongestants like saline nasal spray for fever that was caused by allergic reactions.

3. Breathe Clear Institute
If you are having any kind of ENT infection or developed an allergy, then visit Breathe Clear Institute. This institute has been here for about 15 years now and all people that live in the neighborhood claim that this facility offers quality treatment for every age patient. There are ENT and Asthma specialists who are equipped to handle a variety of allergic reactions and perform surgeries with proper care and attention. Most people with ear issues have had their treatment here and found the doctors very skilled and professional.

4. South Bay Allergy and Asthma Associates
It is another medical facility that happens to handle all of your environmental allergic concerns. The doctors here are super talented and established themselves to be here. They can treat you for your food allergies, asthma induced by exercise, chronic cough, hay fever, hives, skin allergic reaction, nasal polyps, and other immunity related issues. The doctors will give you oral medicines and nasal decongestants, saline nasal spray or some sort of shots to recover the effects of allergies. The environment is comfortable and open, so feel free to discuss your concerns with your doctor here.