The Six Most Expensive Homes in Hermosa Beach, California (As of July 2020)

1. The Beach Villa That Costs $18,955,000 at 2806 The Strand
The Hermosa Beach real estate market currently has quite a few expensive homes. This beach villa is currently the most expensive home in Hermosa Beach, California. Most of us only dream of having a home this luxurious. This impressive villa with an ocean view is located at 2806 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. It costs $18,955,000 US dollars, which is way out of budget for most people looking for a new home. The home has the largest amount of space compared to any of the other homes on this list. The total area of the home is 6857 square feet. The home also contains 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.The location for the property was extremely well thought out. The villa has a clear view of the ocean and beachfront. The shoreline is also within walking distance.

However, the villa is still far enough away from the beach to avoid tourists passing by. This allows home owners to maintain a sense of privacy. The design was made to take care of the home owner’s current and future needs. The house features two outdoor kitchens. One kitchen is located on the outdoor patio. The other kitchen is located on the rooftop of the villa. There is an atrium that leads to the rooftop. Along with a kitchen, the rooftop also contains a resting area. The rooftop was also designed with the focus of creating a rooftop pool. Although a rooftop pool is not currently built into the roof, the design allows space in order to build one in the future. It is obvious that the home was designed with the homeowner in mind. Floors are easily accessible using an elevator. The home also contains several recreation options, such as a home theater and gym. Aquarium hobbyists will also be thrilled to find that there is an 800-gallon tank.

2. A Mansion That Costs $15,900,000 at 3001 The Strand
This multi-level mansion is located at 3001 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. The mansion costs $15,900,000 US dollars. The mansion has 6 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, and multiple levels. You can get to 5 levels of the home using the built-in elevator. The home also has a garage that is large enough to fit 3 cars. The home is extremely luxurious. The mansion has balconies with a great view of the ocean. You can also get amazing views of the ocean from the roof. For extra comfort, there is also a rooftop patio and jacuzzi. The mansion is in walking distance of the ocean. However, it is still located at a distance in order to give residents some privacy from beach goers.

3. The Beach Home That Costs $12,975,000 at 3031 The Strand
The spacious home is located at 3031 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA. The home costs $12,975,000 US dollars. The building has a total area of 3,530 square feet. The total area of the home’s lot is 4,587 square feet. There is plenty of room for family and friends. The home is 3 stories tall and has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. There are also two laundry rooms available for use. With a home of this size, no one in the household will have to fight over amenities. There is also a detached garage that can fit 3+ cars. Gaming fans will enjoy the home’s built in game theater.Like the previous homes shown, this house is also close to the ocean. However, this home is elevated in comparison to the beach. The elevation gives the homeowner privacy from onlookers and provides a great view of the ocean at the same time. A wall separates the lowest floor from viewers for extra privacy. Higher floors of the home have a built-in railing for safety.

4. The Home That Costs $9,750,000 At 2800 Tennyson Place
This home is located at 2800 Tennyson Place, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. The home has a total area of 3456 square feet. There is a fence surrounding the home which gives the homeowner some privacy. There is also plenty of room in the home because the home has 3 stories, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. There is also an attached garage with enough room for two cars. The home is considered a single-family home. This home has plenty of features that make it comfortable for the home owner. The home has a balcony which allows residents to get some fresh air and experience the great view. There is also a wooden deck and patio connected to the home, for those who like a convenient place to sit outside. The home has a combination of tile, hardwood, and carpeted flooring. A fireplace and breakfast nook also add extra value to the home.

5. The Beach Home That Costs $9,300,000 at 2330 The Strand This beach home is located at 2330 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254. The home is currently being sold for $9,300,000 US dollars. The home has 3 stories, 4 beds, and 4 bath rooms. The total area of the home is 3,329 square feet. The home also has an attached deck so that the home owner can lounge outside at their leisure. The home is a beautiful choice for Hermosa Beach real estate.
A unique thing about this home is that it is one of the few homes on The Strand that has a basement. Basements are no longer able to be built on the Strand. This makes this home an excellent find for those who would like the extra storage room. Another unique aspect of this house is that it has a hidden tv. The tv is hidden behind an art piece centered above the fireplace mantle. There is also an attached garage which allows you to safely store two vehicles. Like the other homes on this list, this home has an amazing ocean view because of the location. This home already comes with the majority of the appliances that a homeowner would need. There is a stove, microwave, dishwasher, and disposal in the kitchen. The home also comes with a dryer and washer that is ready for use.

6. The Home That Costs $6,500,000 at 2457 Myrtle Ave
Unlike many of the homes for sale in Hermosa Beach, this home is a new construction. It costs $6,500,000 US dollars. It is located at 2457 Myrtle Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA. The home contains five bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms. There are three floors which are easily accessible by an elevator. The property also has an attached garage which can fit around 3 cars. The property itself has a total area of around 4,000 sq. Feet.

The home already comes with a number of major appliances. There is a fridge, oven, and microwave in the kitchen. The kitchen also contains a kitchen island, stone countertops, and a walk-in pantry. The pantry can be used to store any extra food or items. The house also comes with an already hooked up washer and dryer. What makes this home unique from the other homes for sale in Hermosa Beach is that it has extra security measures. There are security cameras and speakers located throughout the home. This allows the homeowner to watch for any suspicious activities or to talk to people in different rooms without being present. The home was also created with future building plans in mind. The plumbing is already set up in order to add a jacuzzi and fire pit on the outside deck. The media room’s plumbing is also set up so that the home owner can add a wet bar, if desired.